An Absolute Must-Have for All New Moms

by Shannon on January 13, 2011

Being a new mom is quite an adventure. The first few weeks can be quite daunting. You’re learning to read your little one’s cues, adjusting to feeding and sleeping schedules and learning how to do all things “mom”. With all that’s on your plate, it’s sometimes hard to fit in the basics like showering, eating, connecting with friends, etc.

Trinity on her play mat

For the first week or two, finding time to shower was an adventure in itself.

Fortunately, one of the gifts I received at my shower from an experienced mom was the Baby Einstein Baby Nepture Ocean Adventure Gym (Say that 3 times fast!). This has been an amazing toy. From day one, Trinity has loved to lay on the playmat and look at the lights. As she became more capable, she would swat at the hanging links and now she grabs on to them. Today, she started kicking at the lights. It’s been a blast watching her enjoy herself on the play gym.

Even more so, the fact that she is so engaged with the toys, sounds and lights on the mat, gives me some free time to do things like shower. I put her on the mat, move the monitor to look down on her and then hop into the shower. I can hear her coos and giggles and watch the video monitor from the window ledge in my shower (be sure not to get your monitor wet). I’m not advising anyone to leave their baby unattended. The area that I set her in is totally secure and I’m watching her from the monitor just a short distance away.

It’s given me time to exercise too :) I bring the mat into our media room and place it next to the elliptical machine. Trinity plays while I exercise so we both get to have some fun.

Trinity isn’t mobile so she just spends her time swatting at the links, grabbing on to the rattle and cooing to the music. She entertains herself and that frees up a little bit of time for me to work, shower or eat. Sometimes it’s as much as 30 minutes. Other times, I sit there with her watching her play and I talk to her about the different parts of the play mat. The colors and toys are so engaging it’s helped her learn to grasp, she’s learned how to make the octopus rattle and now she’s starting to roll onto her side and spinning around to see the different flaps. Each day she does something new on the mat.

So, for all the new moms out there, definitely get a play mat!

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