Baby Milestones: Mobility Changes Everything!

by Shannon on June 5, 2011

Oy! When I first started this blog, writing was super easy. Trinity was still taking 3 naps a day for at least an hour each and there wasn’t much she was doing. I could place her in her bouncer or on her exercise mat and she was content.

All that changed when she became mobile. I was super excited when Trinity started to roll over at 4 months and was pulling herself across the floor with an army crawl. By 5 months she was full on crawling and now she’s crawling super fast and standing on everything. She’s even climbing up on things.

Trinity at the Park

So, the days of sitting back and relaxing have been replaced with my frantic watching to ensure she doesn’t find that one last crumb of dog food my pup left on the rug or that cord we seem to have forgotten to secure. While I love watching her learn and explore at the same time I miss the “little baby” phase where she was just content to cuddle on my chest. I also miss the relaxed confidence I developed by the end of 4 weeks where I really felt like I had this “mom thing” down. That’s been complete

ly replaced with trying to figure out sleeping schedules, baby proofing and teething strategies.

I’m amazed with how quickly my daughter is gaining new skills and at the same time, I’m a bit overwhelmed with number of seemingly innocent items that now present potential hazards. Mothering has taken on a whole new meaning. Not just of the loving, cuddling, cooing kind of mothering but now to the avid, protective parent ever on the look-out for what could be dangerous or harmful.There’s a level of fear I have that I’ve never experienced before…have you had that experience?

And, maybe it’s just my little girl, but does every baby seem to have a compass towards the “don’t touch that” items around the house. If I leave 1 stray flip-flop out, I’m doing a lunge that would make any pro baseball player proud to grab it as it’s a centimeter from entering her mouth. Yuck! The other day she found an old…like petrified old…sliver of an almond that we either dropped or one of my dogs hid for later. I almost lost a finger to her new little razor teeth as I was scooping it out of her mouth.

My attention is now completely on my little girl, watching her grow, learn and explore and learning how to keep her safe and happy. I’ll tell you…it’s quite an adventure!

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