Baby’s got a stuffy nose? Use the Nose Frida

by Shannon on January 14, 2011

During my mom and baby group, I learned about this awesome tool: The Nose Frida.


I hated the blue bulb that is traditionally used. More so, Trinity hates it too. So, I picked up the Nose Frida.

It allows moms to suck the snot out of the babies nose…literally. Yes, I know it sounds totally gross, but I promise that no snot gets in your mouth. There’s a long tube and a filter that prevents any boogers from coming up, but it does allow you to suck those boogies out nice and quick and to get them all out. It’s so quick, Trinity doesn’t even have time to complain :)

If you’re here in Tucson, you can pick one up from Switzer Family Chiropractic or Whole Foods

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