Car Seats – Choosing the One That’s Right for You

by Shannon on December 16, 2010

Oh, the joys of picking out all the new baby items. When I found out I was pregnant, I began to investigate all the options for car seats, strollers, safety monitors, cribs, etc. etc. I drove my husband nuts with all the “data” I was collecting. You see, I was a Biology major in college and then a Biology teacher. Combine that with the 8 years I’ve spent as an internet marketer and you’ve got a recipe for over-analytical internet research craziness!

But, the reality is that a car seat is one of the most important purchases you’ll make, so it’s worth doing the research. The purpose of the car seat is to keep your baby safe while in the vehicle, should there be any sudden maneuvers or in the event of an accident. As new moms, we want what’s absolutely best for our babies.

Aside from the safety features, the car seat is what you’ll most likely be toting your new little one around in once you venture out again. You may even find that you baby likes to nap in the car seat as the curved resting position can help relieve gas pains or pressures*. So, the things you’ll want to consider when choosing a car seat are the safety features, the weight and size to insure it fits in your vehicle and how easy the seat is to install and use. While color or pattern may also cross your mind, that really should not be the most important factor in your decision. There are some really cute seats that aren’t very good.

I also don’t advise purchasing a used car seat as you don’t know how it’s been cared for, if it’s ever been in an accident, or if it’s been recalled. When you

Britax Chaperone Infant Carrier

purchase a new car seat, you’ll register it and  you’ll be notified of any recalls. Car seats range in price from around $70.00 to upwards of $300.00

When I was looking for a car seat, I did a tremendous amount of research and what I eventually settled on is the Britax Chaperone. I chose it because of it’s safety features. The Britax has true side-impact protection and a quick-adjust head restraint to accommodate your growing baby that doesn’t require you to re-thread the safety harness. It’s also the only car seat to be manufactured with an anti-rebound bar on the base.  This base prevents the car seat from smashing up against the backseat in the event of an accident…it’s quite amazing!The side impact protection and anti-rebound bar are what sold me on this seat. Plus, when you actually look and feel the Britax compared to other seats you can experience the exceptional quality of the seat. The Britax also comes with a foam insert for smaller infants (under 6 pounds).

My daughter loves her car seat. It fits her like a glove and with the padding in the seat, it’s comfortable for her on longer rides. Sometimes after her 2:00am feeding, if she’s unable to get back to sleep, I’ll snuggle her in the car seat and she’ll be out within a minute or two. When I let her sleep in the car seat for a few hours, I make sure to sleep in the room with her.

The Chaperone clicks easily into the base and was fairly easy to install. It comes with great directions. I’ve used the car seat without the base in a rental car and because it has easy to read levels, I was able to easily install the seat using a regular seat belt  and know the position was good.

The other thing I like about the Britax is that it works with a number of different strollers. I wasn’t looking for a “set”, but rather wanted to be able to choose the car seat I wanted and the stroller I wanted based on the features that would best fit my lifestyle. Because the Britax works with a number of different strollers, my options weren’t limited. I chose to get the Bumbleride Indie stroller in SeaGrass and the Snap and Go stroller. Both work great with the Britax.

The downside to the Britax is that it’s heavier than most seats and, combined with the base, it’s rather large and may not fit in smaller vehicles.

I highly recommend adding a car seat to your baby registry as it’s often what your close relatives will look to get you.

You can learn more about the Britax Chaperone car seat here:

*We do not endorse nor recommend letting your baby sleep in the car seat. There are numerous research studies regarding the possible health effects of leaving your child in the car seat for long periods of time and we recommend you evaluate the research and then make your own decision.

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