Getting Ink off of Wall Paper…Oh Boy!

by Shannon on July 30, 2012

My daughter is a fledgling artist…anything that can write she loves and she knows know bounds on her canvas. I’ve become incessantly paranoid about seeing any writing utensils out in the open where she can get to them. If I could write only in invisible ink…I would! The other day, she came came running down […]

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Buying Used? Here’s What to Look For

by Shannon on August 9, 2011

I came across this great article about buying used. I have purchased a number of used toys as well as clothes for Trinity. It’s a great way to save money as well as provide lots of variety for your kids. I trade her clothes and toys as she gets bored with them so there’s always […]

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The best remedies for teething

by Shannon on August 1, 2011

Just when I think I’ve got this mommy thing down a new adventure starts and leaves me tirelessly doing tons of research on what’s the best thing to do. Trinity has been the easiest baby. I sometimes wonder what on earth I would have done had I had a colicy or fussy baby. Even though […]

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I have to admit that I LOVE dressing up my daughter. Baby clothes are just too cute. I love the clothes from Carter’s, Gymboree and Children’s Place. Macy’s and Dillards have lots of adorable little outfits too. I also hate paying premium prices for the clothes because she grows out of them so quickly. So, […]

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Getting the Best for Less

by Shannon on March 30, 2011

Having a baby girl is a blast! But it’s also a tad expensive. The clothes are just so cute, I can barely contain myself when it comes to designer fare for my Trinity. And, the toys are absolutely amazing too. So, I’ve made it a point to save in every way possible so I’m not […]


Little Oliver wore a pair of these to our Mom and Baby Group and I think they are the most brilliant thing ever! Baby shoes designed not to skid to give extra traction to your babies. These are so cool and come in all kinds of fashionable designs. Totsy has them on sale right now […]

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Baby’s got a stuffy nose? Use the Nose Frida

by Shannon January 14, 2011

During my mom and baby group, I learned about this awesome tool: The Nose Frida. I hated the blue bulb that is traditionally used. More so, Trinity hates it too. So, I picked up the Nose Frida. It allows moms to suck the snot out of the babies nose…literally. Yes, I know it sounds totally […]

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An Absolute Must-Have for All New Moms

by Shannon January 13, 2011

Being a new mom is quite an adventure. The first few weeks can be quite daunting. You’re learning to read your little one’s cues, adjusting to feeding and sleeping schedules and learning how to do all things “mom”. With all that’s on your plate, it’s sometimes hard to fit in the basics like showering, eating, […]

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Farts Have Never Been More Welcome

by Shannon December 29, 2010

From the time we’re little itty bitty kids to mature adults, farts are awefully funny. I don’t know why, but they just are. As adults, we learn to control our gasiness so as to not disturb other people or embarrass ourselves in public. I’m pretty grateful for that fact, otherwise we’d be living in a […]

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Baby Bargains Online

by Shannon December 22, 2010

There’s no doubt about it, I LOVE to Shop. Having a baby, makes it even more fun. I’m always on the hunt for new unique little items for Trinity. Last night I found the coolest little onesies online at Lil’Luxe. These onesies have beautiful patterns and are unlike any others that I’ve seen. Best part […]

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