Cooling Off on Hot Summer Days

by Shannon on July 2, 2012

My first thought is how come “rolls” look cute on a baby but not cute on me :)

I don’t know what the heck I was thinking when John and I decided to move back to the East Coast…

Okay…it had been 12 years since we lived here.

And, it is only for a year.

My post baby mush of a brain obviously forgot how FREAKIN’ HOT and STEAMY it is. 

Living in Tucson, I did have to deal with about 60 100+degree days a year, but I have to say, 100+ degrees in Tucson doesn’t even remotely compare to 85 degrees and 90% humidity here in Delaware. HOLY BATMAN IT’S HOT OUT!!!

Fortunately, we have a pool or I think I’d completely lose it. Staying inside all day is the pits…I’m not a homebody at all. I love to be outside. So just about everyday Trinity and I venture to the pool to cool down. She loves it. I’m blessed with a “water baby”. We’re either at the pool or the beach (if the sand isn’t so hot it will blister our skin!!!).

Trinity gets all excited when I say “want to go to the pool”. We’ve had a blast picking out swimsuits, beach toys and little gadgets for water play. I do have to dose her up with sunblock…UGH! She loves the massage everywhere but her face. That’s the tricky part :p

How are you staying cool this summer? Any cool kiddie games, activities?

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