Every little milestone is so exciting

by Shannon on January 22, 2011

I can sometimes sit and stare at my daughter for what feels like hours. She’s so beautiful, smart and loving. Every little thing she does is such a big deal.

At night, I sometimes take a bath with her. We have a huge Jacuzzi tub and I fill it up. She loves the water, loves to splash and I swoosh her around while she has a huge smile on her face. It’s a wonderful time together. A few nights ago as I was preparing her for our bath, she started to laugh. I was tickling her belly and she laughed and laughed. And I cried. It was so beautiful…the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. Her laugh brought such joy to me and I realized that my greatest role in life is as a mother.

I’ve accomplished a lot in my life. I’m a very successful business woman, am known throughout the world as an expert marketer and I have an amazing marriage. Yet, the greatest sense of fulfillment and joy I have is as a mother.

Watching each little milestone is incredible as my daughter learns about the world and her body. She discovered her feet two days ago and now she just loves to grab them and roll. She swats at her toys and has learned to press the buttons on her jumper. She’s way ahead of the “milestone charts” already doing some of the things they have listed for 4 and 5 month olds. She so alert and very social, engaging with the other babies in the social outings I take her to. I sometimes sit with her, camera ready, just waiting for the glimpse of some new milestone…will she say her first word, will she crawl, what’s next?

Each little action brings such a sense of pleasure to both John and I as we watch our little one grow.

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