Farts Have Never Been More Welcome

by Shannon on December 29, 2010

From the time we’re little itty bitty kids to mature adults, farts are awefully funny. I don’t know why, but they just are. As adults, we learn to control our gasiness so as to not disturb other people or embarrass ourselves in public. I’m pretty grateful for that fact, otherwise we’d be living in a world of stink!

Now that I’m a mom, my view on farts has expanded. Seriously! In fact, I often seek them out, engaging in all kinds of baby manipulation to release the pressure that causes my little one such grief. Trinity is an amazingly pleasant baby but when she has gas, she lets the world know with anguished cries. Her screams are loud and her little faces gets all squished in agony…it’s heart wrenching and I’d do anything to relieve her discomfort and bring back her smile.

So I go “fart hunting”. I start with a little bouncing and a little burping and then I move on to massaging my baby’s belly to exercising her legs and doing some leg presses. I’ve spent hours watching videos on YouTube of moms detailing how they help their baby fart. If you asked me a couple of months ago if that’s what I envisioned for my Friday nights, I would have thought you had a few screws loose! But now, I spend some of my time learning how to help my baby be as comfortable and safe as possible…even if it is Friday night!

To relieve Trinity’s gas, I find that massaging her belly clockwise with gentle pressure works great. I then sit her on my lap with her back leaning on my belly and I move her legs in a bicycle like motion, eventually bringing both legs in applying gentle pressure with her knees on her belly. When a fart actually squeezes out, I’m joyous…like I just won the gold medal at the local marathon. I feel so accomplished!  It’s incredibly funny to see grown-ups all excited because they were able to squeeze a fart out of their baby. I’ve even found myself singing a little “fart song” to Trinity that I made up. It goes something like..”Big Fart, Little Fart, we’ll spend a while. Let’s get the gas out so Baby can smile”.

It’s a bit crazy the things we start to do, say and sing when you become a new mom. I’ve got little songs for just about everything…even farting :)

When I’m helping Trinity find some comfort, that little squeak of a noise means I’ve brought her some relief. Sometimes she even smiles and starts to coo after we squeeze them out which makes us even happier.

Trinity’s able to move some of the gas on her own, wriggling around in her crib or on her Aquarium mat. I don’t know why, but every time I hear it I’m giggling like a little school girl. In her car seat, she looks like she’s doing something sneaky with a coy little grin and then she lets it rip. Today at the supermarket, her little fart was so loud that the guy on the line behind me started to giggle…I think it’s because Trinity had a big smile on her face when she let it loose (that’s my girl!).

To help with the gas, we’ve turned to a great product called ColicCalm. I tell everyone about it because it’s actually been a bit of a miracle for us. That combined with my dairy-free diet (Trinity’s on breastmilk only) and she’s doing great. One little dose of ColicCalm and Trinity goes from wailing to peacefully happy. We can hear the gas bubbles breakdown in her belly and soon after giving it to her, she usually let’s out a giant burp or two.

I’ve gotten great advice from moms who’ve helped me improve my burping technique and also taught me great belly massaging to relief the gas. I’m very thankful for the moms who detailed their strategies in video on YouTube because it definitely helps the new moms like me who are learning along the way.

What works for you? I’d love to hear it (be sure to share your funny baby fart stories too:)

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