Getting Ink off of Wall Paper…Oh Boy!

by Shannon on July 30, 2012

My daughter is a fledgling artist…anything that can write she loves and she knows know bounds on her canvas. I’ve become incessantly paranoid about seeing any writing utensils out in the open where she can get to them. If I could write only in invisible ink…I would!

The other day, she came came running down the hall all excited to show me something. She had a pen in hand (“where the heck did she get THAT!!!”). She grabbed my finger and led me down the hall…her giggle just made me laugh. I was saying a little mental prayer that it wasn’t anything too disasterous….I’m exploring giving her more freedom around the house now that she’s almost 2.

She was so excited she could barely contain herself and then she pointed it out to me…the beautiful pen drawing on the wall paper of the rental townhome we’re in.

UGH! “calm down! calm down!…Tracey Hogg…where are you when I need you????” In a split second I was reviewing every page in every parenting book I red.

Best solution? I complimented her on the artwork..said it was beautiful and then got some paper out and had her draw on it. I was so overly enthusiastic of it that she probably knew something was up but she seemed to love all the praise and me drawing with her.

When she went down for her nap, I began my hunt for solutions to get the pen off. I tried everything I knew of in the home…even products that said they removed ink and didn’t.

Then I happened upon a website with a solution that said to use bread. bread??? What kind of bread? whole wheat? white? fresh? hmmmmmm

Anything was worth the try so I got out a piece of the multi-grain bread we have in the house and I began scrubbing the wall with it.


I had a nice pile of breadcrumbs on the floor and a beautiful inked in picture on the wall :)

Next solution?

Hair spray. Okay…let’s give this one a go, I thought.

I used some basic natural hairspray I have in the house and it worked like a charm. The ink was removed and it didn’t damage the wall paper (Thank God!!!)

I quickly vacummed up the bread crumbs (still laughing about that one…)and congratulated myself on keeping my cool and getting the wall clean.


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