Getting the Best for Less

by Shannon on March 30, 2011

Trinity sporting Gymboree

Having a baby girl is a blast! But it’s also a tad expensive. The clothes are just so cute, I can barely contain myself when it comes to designer fare for my Trinity. And, the toys are absolutely amazing too. So, I’ve made it a point to save in every way possible so I’m not being absolutely ridiculous and going overboard (which would be super easy to do:)

I’ve found some awesome resources that help me get the best for less. First off, if your town has one, check out the clothing exchanges. Here in Tucson, we’ve got Lil Traders and Twice as Nice. Both of these stores allow you to bring in items for trade and then get cash or store credit. You’ll receive more in store credit if you choose to go that route. I’ve found incredible designer baby items for a fraction of the cost and once Trinity grows out of stuff, I just take it in and trade it. The stores are a bit picky about what they’ll take and prefer items of better quality that are suitable for the upcoming season, so you’re not able to bring in winter sweaters to trade for summer dresses. I love trading! It’s like a treasure hunt and since Trinity grows out of her clothes so fast, I feel like I’m being super responsible and environmentally friendly :).

There are also online sites for trading clothes such as which is a great opportunity to get clothes in a new size while also getting rid of the small stuff.

When it comes to new stuff, I love to buy online from the many discount sites. This is also where I get a lot of Trinity’s toys and diapers. Here’s just a few of the sites that I love!

With each of these sites they have extraordinary daily sales on high quality items like Skidders, Melissa and Doug toys,  Absorba, Taggies, and more. Plus, you’ll often find totally unique and absolutely adorable items that no one else has, making your little one super trendy at a bargain price (if you enjoy that sort of thing). I’ve gotten many toys and outfits where folks have asked “Oh my gosh! That’s so cute…where did you get it???”. Then I give them my referral link, they buy, I get some credit and I get to buy something totally for FREE…the best of all!

Plus, saving 50 -80% is the most awesome of all!

There’s also the baby clothes outlets. Here in Tucson we have the Foothills Mall which has The Children’s Place, Gymboree and Carter’s outlets. Everything is prices just right that I can stock up and not feel a bit guilty about it. You can often find the outlets online as well or, if you check out the online shops for, and, they are always having sales and their clearance prices are incredible! I hopped on today and they are having a surprise 27% off sale on everything (including Grown Up clothes).

And, my personal favorite is the local clothing and toy swap. I’m very active with Trinity and we below to a number of mom and baby groups. When our little ones get bored with toys or outgrow some clothes, we just swap them. It’s super easy and fun.

I also really like is a one-stop shop for everything baby! sells everyday baby essentials like diapers, wipes, formula, and baby food, as well as all of your other needs like toys, books, clothes and shoes, nursery furniture, car seats, and more!  Plus all orders over $49 get free 2-day shipping! – The best deals on diapers and more. is running a great special right now:

20% off all Diapers for 3 months + Free Shipping! New Customers only. Code “D20AFF”.

Having a little one can be expensive, but there’s so many ways to save. Trinity has great quality clothes and toys and I’ve gotten it all for very little expense. I even play a little game where I put the savings into her savings account, building her account while giving her all the little things I want her to have :)

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