Hazards, Hazards Everywhere…Oh My!

by Shannon on July 7, 2011

Since Trinity has gone full mobile, it’s been hard to carve out the time to blog about our journey’s together. I’m amazed everyday at how quickly she is

Trinity with Nana's Lavender

learning new skills and her sense of adventure. My daughter isn’t daunted in the least by the 3′ drop off the bed (fortunately, I’ve always caught her before she went over the edge), the potential dangers of stairs or the pain that comes from squeezing her little fingers in a drawer. She is a natural adventurer and is driven by in an insatiable sense of curiosity.

I adore her little inquisitive spirit and at the same time I can feel my hair going grayer by the minute. John and I spent some time baby-proofing our abode, which is no easy task in the least. We have a large 5400 sq ft home (I can’t wait until we move into a smaller house!) and it seems like there’s a new danger around every corner. Just when we thing we’ve covered all the bases, some new, seemingly innocent item presents a potential choking hazard or the potential for harm. We’ve cleared off the shelves, put protectors in all the outlets, secured the toilets, moved the chemicals and removed all of our plant tables. That leaves all the things that aren’t so obvious.  Just today I discovered the little white rubber stoppers on the ends of door stoppers.

I’m spending a week at my in-laws and Trinity discovered the great boingy-boingy door stoppers. You know the ones…they are a long, finger-like spring with a white rubber stopper on the end. At first I was cracking up laughing at how enamored she was with the little springs. She flicked it back and forth and back and forth for almost 20 minutes. Then she started to pull on it. When one hand didn’t do the trick she grabbed that little rubber end with both hands and pulled with all her might. Victory! The little rubber stopper came flying off and she giggled with joy.  Then I could see it on her face…”Yummmm…that looks tasty!”. I jumped up like an Olympic pole vaulter just a second away from her putting it in her mouth.

Whew! That was a close one!

Wouldn’t you know it…those damn things are in every room next to every door and today they are the toy of choice. No…not the Elmo book, the Squish, the pink baby cell phone nor the abundance of stuffed toys. Today, the toy of choice is a 99-cent hazardous stopper :)

Oy! The adventures of mommy-hood.

And, this was just one day. A few days ago we were in two airports and on two planes…talk about baby hazards. I felt like I was Inspector Gadget looking for the next potential death trap and stretching my arms beyond human potential every time my super crawler was about to venture into something that was a “no-no”.

I’m sure this is just the beginning…in a few weeks she’ll be walking and then I’ll probably be reminiscing about these days with a smile :)

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