Healthy Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Scream About!

by Shannon on October 30, 2013

My daughter’s preschool had an amazing party for Octoberfest. Fortunately, Trinity attends a Montessori school that is respectful of parents who strive for healthy nutrition. Many of the parents choose organic fresh foods over prepackaged processed foods

The buffet dinner was filled with fresh fruit but, as standard, it included hot dogs and chicken fingers. Add to that the caramel apples they made and the dessert options and there was more “bad food” than I would have liked to see.

What’s the deal with feeding kids hot dogs and chicken fingers? I’ll never quite understand it. These are two of the worst things to feed kids, loaded with preservatives, anti-foaming agents, etc.

I could go off on a complete tangent now…Focus! Focus!

There are plenty of healthy options available if you’re hosting or heading to a Halloween Party.

Fun and Healthy Halloween Treats: Ghosts and Pumpkins

I made these for my daughter’s school Birthday Celebration. At first I was a little concerned that the kids would be frowing that I wasn’t bringing cake.

Personally, I don’t like to dose up kids with a ton of sugar and then send them home to their parents. I don’t appreciate it when others do it to me, so I’m conscience of keeping it healthy and fun.

When the kids saw the treats, they were so excited. They began calling out whether they wanted a ghost or a pumpkin, but I had made enough for each child to get one of each.

They played with the ghosts, pretend talking and shouting Boo. It was a blast. Add to that the simplicity of making them and the fact that it took about 15 minutes and cost less than most snacks, it was a perfect fit.

Halloween Treats

Making these healthy Halloween Treats is easy. The ghosts are half a banana with two mini chocolate chips for eyes and one large one fort he mouth. The pumpkins are small tangerines with a sliver of celery for the stalk.

Ghouls: A ghostly and Healthy Halloween Treat

My girlfriend also made these awesome ghoul strawberries. These are delicious and healthy Halloween treats that your guests, no matter what their age, will love! You simply dip the strawberry in white dipping chocolate (get the kind that does not have artificial flavors or colors). Use two small chocolate chips for eyes and then melt some of the dark chocolate. Use a toothpick to make the circle for the mouth.

How amazing does that Healthy Halloween Buffet look?

Even More Healthy Halloween Treats

Healthy Halloween TreatsGreen Meanies are the funnest healthy halloween treat yet. They are super easy to make, just using Apples, almond butter and slivered almonds. You can see the full recipe here.

And, another favorite healthy halloween treat your kids and guests are sure to gobble up (add some hummus on the side) is the Candy Corn veggie plate. How cool does this look? I absolutely LOVE IT! It’s a creative idea for putting healthy fresh vegetables together in a cute Halloween theme. healthy halloween veggies

Have some more fun and healthy Halloween Treats?

Share your favorites in the comments below.

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