Mom stopped from breastfeeding by female security guards

by Shannon on December 19, 2011

It’s shocking enough that in this day and age, a woman would be asked to stop breastfeeding her child. First of all, for all the ignorant idiots out there, it’s exactly what our breasts were made to do. Any breastfeeding mom will tell you that when your baby wants to eat, your baby wants to eat and there is no stopping the process. To ask a woman to stop breastfeeding is akin to the promotion of malnourishment of a child…what is the mom supposed to do when the baby is hungry????

What shocked me most was that the two guards were WOMEN who approached this nursing mom. Seriously????

I’ve been fortunate in that noone has ever asked me to stop nursing nor approached me as it being odd. Most folks have been genuinely kind and some have even been interested in asking me about it. A few have even congratulated me on my choice to nurse. Most men just looked away when I was nursing (I always covered up but there was the occasional swoop of the cover when Trinity as into being ‘coverless’). I recently weened my daughter at 13 months and it was both liberating but incredibly sad as the bond between Trinity and I in nursing was incredible.

What has your experience been with public nursing?

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