Please keep your sick kids at home

by Shannon on August 3, 2011

Okay…I’m about to go on a rant (just thought I’d warn you).

Needless to say, my daughter is the most precious thing in the world to me. I buy her the best food, diapers, clothes. I make sure she’s warm, loved and cuddled. I’ve avoided vaccinations (maybe when she’s older???) and I keep her out of day care. I pay a premium for a sitter to come to my home rather than Trinity going anywhere else. I do everything possible to keep her safe.

I think it’s what most conscientious moms do.

The one thing that’s hard to avoid is sick children who are dragged about only to expose my baby to the “ICK”. I’m very selective about where I take Trinity. Not over protective, mind you, just selective. I avoid places I know are gross (like McDonald’s) and stick with safe places like the library groups and the Birth Center groups. I even stopped taking Trinity to the doctors for her “Well Checks” since the last time I went and the office was filled with sick kids. I sat in the office thinking how odd it was that I was bringing my healthy, beautiful daughter to the doctor’s to be checked for her “wellness” while at the same time exposing her to all the sickness from the sick kids in the office…it just seemed ridiculous. Now that the flu season is over, she’s headed back for her 10 month appointment.I just simply called the doctor if I had a question and weighed her regularly at the Birth Center during groups.

I’m happy to say that Trinity has been amazingly healthy. She’s like a little tank.

Even though I do my best to protect her, I still find moms who bring their snotty, coughing kids out to playdates, groups and play areas like it’s Okay.

Well, here it is. IT IS NOT OKAY. Please, please, please keep your sick kids at home.

Why would anyone think it’s okay to needlessly expose other children, especially little-itty-bitty babies, to any type of sickness. If your child has a snotty nose, a cough, an unexplained rash, a fever, etc. KEEP THEM HOME!

A good friend of mine and I attended a group this week and there we came across another baby bubbling with snot and coughing. All the toys were being shared and now both my friend’s daughter and mine are suffering with gooey, ooey snotty noses. I’ve never seen so much snot come out of a baby as I did today. Trini sneezed and a huge amount of snot poured out. Before I could leap to a tissue she had her hands rubbing in it and my little sweetie had a face covered in snot. It looked like she had been slimed.

I quickly scooped her up to take her to the bathroom and in 5 seconds flat my hair was experiencing a new product…baby snot (which by the way has some good hold when it dries…watch out AquaNet). The neighbors probably think I’m a wicked mom because Trinity screams holy murder when I wipe her nose and break out the Nose Frida to suck out the snot. She goes from scream to hyperventilating in a snap and I feel terrible. I almost feel like crying with her…it breaks my heart to see her so uncomfortable.

Last night she woke up twice covered in snot and I wearily made it through the day on less than 5 hours of sleep.

All of this could have been avoided had 1 mom taken it upon herself to stay home. Yes, I totally get that there is a dire need for connection and we all want to give our kids time to play and have fun. But at what cost?

And it isn’t that I don’t like the mom or the baby… I adore them both. I just want them to stay home when it’s necessary as I do if there is any doubt in my mind at all about Trinity. Believe me…I take every opportunity to get out of the house with Trini, but if she seems even a little bit under the weather (mostly due to my paranoia), I keep her home to help her be well and to keep other babies well.

This is especially true of kids who are in daycare. It’s a well known fact that kids in daycare are exposed to far more. Every mom that I’m friends with whose child is in daycare has experienced far more illness than I have keeping Trinity home. So, if your child caught something at daycare be a bit considerate and keep the baby/child at home until ALL the symptoms are gone.

There’s no time when your child “isn’t contagious”. I’ve actually had moms with coughing, snotty kids tell me that their child is no longer “contagious” because the fever broke.  Unless you have a Contagion-Meter that miraculously tells you the moment your child can’t spread it then wait until all the symptoms have passed before bringing them back into contact with healthy babies. I guarantee all the moms will thank you because experiencing a child’s illness, when it could have been avoided, is absolutely NO FUN!

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