What to do when you’ve got puke on your face…

by Erin Widner on January 21, 2015

Yes, you read that right.

This is a story about what to do when you’ve got puke on your face. No, it’s not a story about a night of crazed debauchery…quite the opposite.

You see yesterday was a much looked-forward to, much-needed “mommy day”. It’s a day all for me. A day when my husband takes my daughter for “daddy & daughter” adventures, giving me time to catch up on the many things that fall to the wayside in our very busy home and business lives.

My husband and I aren’t just husband and wife. We’re also business partners and we operate a very successful, crazy busy, dynamic business enterprise from our home. That gives us the freedom to be helicopter, hands-on, super-involved (or whatever you want to call it) parents to a super active, brilliant and beautiful little girl.

That also means that I end up taking care of others much more than I take care of myself. I love being a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur. There isn’t a thing I’d change about my life, except, perhaps making the 24-hour day a 26 or 27-hour day.

It just seems like there’s never enough time in the day to get to everything I want to do. So, I prioritize and, unfortunately, the “me” time seems to always end up at the bottom of the “to-do” list…falling off the paper onto a “someday, one-day” sticky note.

Well, for a few weeks, I’ve planned this “me” day. My husband went about it as he usually does – micro-management. He planned a spectacular day with my daughter…a trip to the planetarium, then onto the Children’s Museum with an end-of-the-day adventure at the Natural History Museum.

And I had a laundry list of “me” things to do. I was going to hit my new 2015 Create Your Shining Year Goal Planner from Leonnie Dawson, finish up my 2015 Dream Board to be prominently placed above my computer (also known as the “money-maker), and start Financial Peace University from Dave Ramsey so I could make this year our LEGACY year…the year we actually put the prosperity we’re manifesting to work for our legacy.

Pretty cool plans, right?

Yep…it’s how I like to start my year. I like to get super clear and focused on my intentions and goals for the year. I call it Masterful Manifestation.

This year, my Manifestation Motor was putting along and the New Year passed at the speed of light. Before I knew it, my birthday arrived and I still hadn’t even made my gorgeous, inspiring and knock-my-socks off Dream Board.

I was losing focus and had no plan for the year. Of course, my daughter had her Goals/Dream Board all finished. So proud!!! It’s beautiful and she’s a dynamo at making it all happen.


So this day was MY DAY. Daddy and Trinity departed at 10:30am and I was feeling a mix of giddiness, guilt, loneliness and overwhelm. I was still in my pajamas and planned to stay that way for the day (so comfy!). I was kinda considering brushing my hair ;-)

I rocked through 50 pages of my Shining Year, doodled out all that occurred in 2014, releasing the good, the great and the not so great. I hammered out My Amazing Habits list, set my affirmations and then had an awesomely delicious Power Protein Shake. 

I moved on to my Dream Board and was so awe-struck at the end of it, I new there was absolute unstoppable power in all I was creating. I was so charged with the joyous energy of new dreams and goals.

IMG_8803 shannon

I then read through about 25 training emails from Marketing Profs, Digital Marketer and others, catching up on some ax-sharpening, mind-blowing training that’s going to take my online presence to A Whole ‘Nother Level! Oh yeah!!!

I finished up my ME day with the first hour long session of Financial Peace University.

it shook my world. Who would have thought that something as simple as altering my flow of money to Give-Save-Spend would make me feel so freakin’ powerful. I LOVE IT. Rocked our budget for 2015, ran some numbers and thought my face would crack from smiling so much! Just two and a half years post “lost it all” bankruptcy and we were almost back on top, living in a beautiful home with a years worth of expenses in the bank.

All in all, this day was THE TOPS! I felt so empowered, on top of everything, focused, and gleeful at the thoughts of manifesting pure magic in the next 12 months.

John and Trinity arrived home to a very happy wife and mommy. John commented that my energy was amazing. Awwwww…after 17 years he still knows how to make my heart flutter. I’m a lucky girl.

An hour of play with my sweetie and then a shower with my girl and we were ready for bed. As Trinity and I cuddled in the bed reading books, I felt like I was the best mother, wife and leader. I was overwhelmed with the sheer joy that comes from knowing you’ve got it all going on.

Then I heard a rumble and that was that: YACK.

Yep, I was puked on. Not a little, but a ferocious, everything she had to eat today puked on.

Hmmmmm….so this is what peanuts smell like on the way up. Not good.

I was yelling for John who rushed in like the first responder on a 5-alarm fire. “Okay…I’ve got this”, he said.

I was more concerned with comforting Trinity who was dazed and crying. Every ounce of mommy-ness was on full alert…comforting, cleaning, changing…

All of that “I’ve got it all in control manifestation magic” seemed like a distant, long lost memory as I sorted through the emergent confusion of massive puking.

We finally got all settled back down and I cuddled with my girl in the guest room. We nuzzled in and she was doing much better. She was even giggling a bit and we dozed off together. Ahhhh….normalcy was presenting itself once again.

Until I was awoken by the warm, unwelcome experience of puke in my face. Yep, from forehead to chin, I was covered.

Not the mothering experience I envisioned back when the test was positive. Truth be told, I don’t think I ever quite envisioned having puke in my face…at least not someone else’s. But there I was at exactly 11:59 with puke in my face.

Into the bathroom for shower #2, changing, washing, comforting and cuddling.

And that was the end to my perfect “ME” day. It kind of summed it up perfectly though, the whirlwind that is the life of a mother, a wife, a friend and an entrepreneur.

The reality of my life was in full force. As pukey as it was at the moment, it’s wonderful and full of bliss all around.

Thankfully, I had all of the “me” time. I had the time to get clear on all I am, to create, to express myself and to settle into the flow of this year.

All that creation and preparation I reveled in helped me to get completely focused on my path as a mother, wife, business woman, friend, colleague…all that encompasses the “me” who I am, so that the times when I have puke on my face don’t derail me, shatter me or consume me. Rather, I’m able to handle, reflect and even laugh at them. I’m able to be there, 100% in mommy mode, to clean, change, cuddle and love and then I’m able to clearly step into the manifestation of my goals.

Why? Because I chose to carve out the time to get focused, to gain clarity on my wants, dreams, passions and evolutions. It was the time to envision my path for the year, to know where I’m going, how I’m getting there and the the beginnings of the map to manifest it all.

Will there be pukey moments as I engage in the journey of this eyar? Of course.

That’s life. All the beauty, bliss, adventure, joy and exaltation is sometimes intertwined with sadness, disaster, failure and even puke.

Without focus, without a plan, without some time to work on the ever evolving me, I would get consumed by the puke. Literally. It would be a BIG deal. It might even take all of my focus for days…

But, because I had that time to get focused, I looked forward to the sunrise, knowing I had the beginnings of a map of creation and some simple steps already planned out that would give me great momentum. I knew exactly what to do, how to get started and what actions to take.

And here I am. Writing this post. On Track for one Kick-Ass, Totally Phenomenal Year of Magical Manifestation. (and freshly showered, free of puke!)

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