She said what?

by Shannon on July 27, 2012

I am utterly in awe at how quickly my daughter, now 22 months, is learning new words. She takes such joy in pointing out new things and telling me what they are.


Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! (so many universal uses for this word…apparently it means: hand me that, give me that, want milk, go potty, pick me up, etc. etc. etc.)

We are having a blast listening to the babble and combination of words that are all strung together in a melodious song of uninterpretable bliss.

And of course there are the embarrassing moments like when we’re in the supermarket and she’s pulling my shirt down at the exact moment a group of men are walking by and screams TA-TA! TA-TA!…I can still hear those guys chuckling.

While at the pool today, she took the opportunity to point to one of my neighbors in a bikini and yell “BRA!” “BRA!”…yes, Trinity, that’s a bra :)

She just cracks me up and these are the moments that we’ll forever be talking about.

I’ve learned to clean up my language after she dropped something and yelled “uck”…not appropriate for pre-school so now we say UGH!

Just 22 months ago, I was holding a little baby blob in my hands and now I’ve got an orator in training!

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