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Baby’s got a stuffy nose? Use the Nose Frida

by Shannon on January 14, 2011

During my mom and baby group, I learned about this awesome tool: The Nose Frida. I hated the blue bulb that is traditionally used. More so, Trinity hates it too. So, I picked up the Nose Frida. It allows moms to suck the snot out of the babies nose…literally. Yes, I know it sounds totally […]

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Baby Percentiles and What They Mean

by Shannon on December 17, 2010

We all like to know that our babies are thriving and are achieving their milestones right on or before target. But what really is normal? Today, Trinity had her 2 month well-check at the pediatrician. It’s hard for me to believe she’s actually two months old already…time really does fly. This month she’s really made […]