Hazards, Hazards Everywhere…Oh My!

by Shannon on July 7, 2011

Since Trinity has gone full mobile, it’s been hard to carve out the time to blog about our journey’s together. I’m amazed everyday at how quickly she is learning new skills and her sense of adventure. My daughter isn’t daunted in the least by the 3′ drop off the bed (fortunately, I’ve always caught her […]

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Every little milestone is so exciting

by Shannon on January 22, 2011

I can sometimes sit and stare at my daughter for what feels like hours. She’s so beautiful, smart and loving. Every little thing she does is such a big deal. At night, I sometimes take a bath with her. We have a huge Jacuzzi tub and I fill it up. She loves the water, loves […]

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I’m one of those people who LOVES Christmas…I love everything about it: the tree, the garland, the cookies, family, friends, presents, lights and more. Although I had a very rough childhood, Christmas was always a good time and so I have many fond memories from it. When I bought my first home, I was so […]

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