Ally is an amazing young girl who has a dream to help every little girl and boy have their own guardian angel. Her story is so inspiring. (She’s my friend’s daughter and I’m just in love with what they have created!). Cast your vote and help her realize her dream.

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An Absolute Must-Have for All New Moms

by Shannon on January 13, 2011

Being a new mom is quite an adventure. The first few weeks can be quite daunting. You’re learning to read your little one’s cues, adjusting to feeding and sleeping schedules and learning how to do all things “mom”. With all that’s on your plate, it’s sometimes hard to fit in the basics like showering, eating, […]

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I’m one of those people who LOVES Christmas…I love everything about it: the tree, the garland, the cookies, family, friends, presents, lights and more. Although I had a very rough childhood, Christmas was always a good time and so I have many fond memories from it. When I bought my first home, I was so […]

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