The bouncer – an absolute MUST HAVE

by Shannon on December 18, 2010

Trinity in her bouncer

I registered for all kinds of cool things. One thing I didn’t register for was a bouncer. I registered for a swing instead and ended up purchasing it myself. I love the swing, but the bouncer is the absolute best.  The swing is too large to move from room to room so it stays in Trinity’s room. I got a bouncer from Trinity’s grandma at the baby shower and didn’t realize what a great gift it was until Trinity is born.

The bouncer is totally portable and usually rests as a centerpiece on our dining room table. It’s wonderful because Trinity can sit in it wherever I am. It frees my hands and she amuses herself with the toys. She loves being in the bouncer and she’s just so cute in it too. If you haven’t registered for a bouncer, be sure to add one to your registry!

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