The Cure for Cracked, Sore Nipples

by Shannon on December 14, 2010

Breastfeeding is the most amazing experience. As I sit with Trinity feeding her, I know that only I can nourish my baby this way. The closeness, the connection is so amazing. Here is this precious little being and I’m giving her the nourishment to grow strong and healthy. As a woman, it makes me feel unique, powerful and complete.

Breastfeeding is also one of the most challenging experiences of life. Three days home from the hospital and I was in tears.  My nipples were sore and cracked, my breasts were aching and engorged. Every time I went to feed my little girl, I was in excrutiating pain. My back was sore as I tightened all of my muscles preparing for another painful latch. Each time she latched on was a toe curling experience.

Fortunately, my good friend Amy told me that there may be some pain with breastfeeding so I didn’t feel as though it wasn’t normal…I just wanted it over!

I called in a lactation consultant from Momma’s Latte and that helped quite a bit. She helped me with proper latching and recommended the Brestfriend Pillow (a godsend!). Things were getting better but I was still chomping on Advil everyday to make it through and I hated that I was beginning to dread feedings.

I started going to a new mommy group at the Birth Center where I delivered. I’m so thankful that they offer these groups, as they help so much. At one group, I spoke with the group leader who is a lactation consultant. She took one look at my nipples and sent me to see the nurse. The nurse referred me to the midwife and, amid concerns of Thrush, prescribed me Newman’s All Purpose Nipple Cream.

All I can say is OH MY GOD!!! The pain was gone within in 2 days and within a week my nipples were completely healed. Nursing became an easy-going, joyful experience. Newman’s is only available with a prescription and it shouldn’t be used casually because it does have antibiotics in it. But, if you are suffering with sore, cracked, bloody or blistered nipples and have recurring breast pain, talk to you health care professional and see if Newman’s is the right solution for you.

Definitely don’t give up! It took a while but breastfeeding really did turn into an easy flowing (no pun intended :) experience. There’s no more pain and I still get to experience the incredible intimate bond with my daughter that only breastfeeding can provide.

A really great resource for breastfeeding is Dr. Jack Newman’s site:

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