The Importance of Rear-Facing Car Seats

by Shannon on March 31, 2011

I want to ensure the safety of my daughter at all times and so I’ve done considerable research on car seats. It used to be that the recommendation was for babies younger than 1 year and/or less than 20 pounds be in a rear-facing car seat and after 1 year or greater than 20 pounds they could then be in a forward facing car seat. The recommendations have changed, and for good reason!

Children in front facing car seats are 5 times more likely to be injured in a frontal crash if they are in a forward facing car crash. When rear facing, the spine, neck and head are cradled by the car seat, whereas, in a front facing car seat their head and neck are violently thrown forward. The American Pediatric Association now recommends that children be kept rear facing as long as possible. It is recommended that they be rear facing up to 2 years and 35 – 40 pounds.

I had to share this video…I’ll warn you that it may bring tears to your eyes but it certainly gets the point across.

You can learn more from the APA here:

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