Vaccines…What’s a responsible mom to do?

by Shannon on February 27, 2011

My husband said it best…you’re screwed if you do and you’re screwed if you don’t.(excuse the “french” :)


Here we have the most precious thing our life, our daughter Trinity. Words couldn’t even begin to explain how much love we have for her. We would do anything to guarantee her health and safety. If you are a parent, I’m sure you can relate.

When it comes to vaccines, I’m scared. Not because I don’t believe in the science. Yes, there is scientific evidence that vaccination can help to prevent disease in populations. But there is also scientific proof that vaccinating can cause harm….serious harm. What I’m most scared about is the money-grubbing, dishonest, deceptive villain we know as the pharmaceutical industry.

It is a well established fact that pharmaceutical companies knowingly distribute and sell bad products. They are aware of the side effects, the potential of permanent damage and death and yet they still inject our society with bad medicine…bad drugs. I realized this when I was working in a lab at large pharmaceutical company. I worked in a lab that was developing an arthritis drug. They had already established two other labs to develop treatments for the emerging side-effects. Rather than go back to the drawing board and redevelop a healthier drug, they simply started to make other drugs to counter the known side-effects of that drug…it was a money making machine.

It’s an industry that’s out of ethics and is purely operating on the basis of profit. How much money can they make and how quickly. Think about this one. Most pharmaceutical companies have moved away from the production of psych medications (thank God!) because the known damage they cause has resulted in billions of dollars of lost revenue. They stopped their marketing campaigns and have reduced their campaigns to have children as young as 2 years old diagnosed with bi-polar disorder (seriously!). If they were really in the business of helping people, they would stand by their products (if they were good products). But, they know they DON’T help but rather hurt and when the money runs out or it is no longer profitable, they move on.

Not to mention the kick-backs and benefits doctors receive to promote and distribute drugs: money, trips, tickets, etc. etc. etc. So, are they really objective and informed??? Why is this practice even legal?

So, when it comes to vaccines, what’s really in those little vials? Aluminum, Formaldehyde, animal proteins, antibiotics, sugar, 2-phenoxyethanol, calf serum, monkey kidney cells, glutamate…and the list goes on. Many of these components are recognized toxins, including aluminum.

In reference to aluminum, it’s incredible that the FDA has not regulated the amount of aluminum injected into infants through vaccines. While aluminum does occur in nature and humans consume a small amount regularly, the amount contained in vaccines is sometimes 200X the recognized toxic levels.The FDA requires that human adults not receive more than 25 micrograms of aluminum in intravenous solutions per day when hospitalized (source: Given the current “combination vaccines” that deliver multiple vaccines at one time, an infant can receive up to 1225 micrograms of aluminum in one dose! (source: The Vaccine Book, Robert W. Sears, M.D., 2007). In The Vaccine Book, Dr. Sears also details a study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine where premature babies were given IV solutions containing aluminum. This test group was compared to premature babies who were given an IV solution without aluminum. The aluminum group showed toxic levels of aluminum and one infant died. Upon autopsy, the infant was shown to have toxic levels of aluminum in his tissues.

Aluminum causes an oxidative stress within brain tissue.8 Since the elimination half-life of aluminum from the human brain is 7 years, this can result in cumulative damage via the element’s interference with neurofilament axonal transport and neurofilament assembly. Some experts believe it plays a role in leading to the formation of Alzheimer-like neurofibrillary tangles. (source: That’s a lot of big words but essentially it’s saying that aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Aluminum has been linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s, yet there has been no movement to stop the “bundling” of vaccines that introduces toxic levels of aluminum to infants. Plus, there’s the long list of known side-effects from vaccination: Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Encephalitis/encephalopathy, Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, pain, swelling, fever, body aches, seizures and the possibility of SIDS and autism just to name a few. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) was established to allow persons injured by vaccine to seek monetary compensation of up to $250,000. So, if vaccines are so “safe”, why would this fund have been established in the first place. And the real kicker….it’s funded by taxes on vaccines. So the people getting vaccines are actually paying to fund a compensation fund for those injured by vaccines. (More about this program available at The decision to protect manufacturers from lawsuits was recently upheld in the Supreme Court when a mom, who’s child developed a seizure disorder and behavior problems after vaccination, attempted to sue. See this article:

Another mom in one of my groups, who happened to be pro-vaccination, told me her son stopped sleeping through the night after his 2 month shots. More so, he woke up every 45 minutes to an 1 hour for the next 3 months, never again sleeping as peacefully as he did before vaccination. A mom in my library group reported her 1 year old son had a severe reaction to the MMR, again crying frequently and not sleeping at night.

It’s scary that they keep adding vaccines to the mix. Some of the vaccines haven’t been out long enough for us to know the true effects. These days they are vaccinating infants for HepB and HPV which are both sexually transmitted diseases. Why does a newborn need to be vaccinated for a sexual transmitted disease which the incidence of contraction through other means is so low?By their first birthday, most children will have received 21 vaccinations if following the “traditional” vaccination schedule.

The decision to not vaccinate has been the toughest. I’ve done much research and will include the book I have read and am reading below. Will my daughter be exposed to these diseases? What risk am I putting her at by not vaccinating? What risk would I put her at by vaccinating?  I understand that vaccinations can reduce certain illnesses in populations but to what risk to my child. I remember back in 1996 when I got the flu vaccine for the first time. I ended up getting the worst case of flu imaginable and it was the only time I ever had the flu.

I’ve traveled the world without prophylaxis or vaccines and I’ve remained healthy. I want the same for my daughter. In my opinion, the pharmaceutical companies are only concerned with profits, not cures.

I may vaccinate once she is older for particular diseases, but right now, I can’t imagine vaccinating. My daughter is so happy and healthy and it’s our intention to keep her that way through a stress-free, happy environment and proper nutrition.

What are your thoughts? Have you had any experiences?

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